/Anne Kay- TRIBU Travel Designer

Anne Kay- TRIBU Travel Designer

Anne’s travel obsession began at 19 when her father took her along on a medical mission to the Dominican Republic. Since then, her intention is to seek out authentic, rich, local experiences and to see and taste as much of the world as possible.
Through college and after, Anne fed her travel by working in restaurants and teaching yoga. She has worked with amazing chefs and some of the best winemakers in the world; even making a little rosé herself. Anne takes every opportunity to explore that she can: digging out homes after Hurricane Stan in Guatemala, living and teaching in Barcelona, studying under a Buddhist monk in India. Recently, her interest in food and natural dyes have brought her all over Thailand, Vietnam and Mexico… always with her yoga mat in tow.
Anne truly believes in the tapestry of the world, that travel changes you in a positive way. Our eyes and hearts gets bigger. She is beyond grateful and excited to be part of the Tribú team. She knew from the moment they spoke of a shared mission to show as many people as possible the magnificence of the world.
About Anne Kay: 
Anne is Chicago born and raised. She migrated to Colorado, to obtain her degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Colorado. Upon returning from India, she met her husband Brett, moved him to Vail to ski and live the mountain lifestyle. They currently reside in the beautiful beach community of Encinitas, California, soaking up the surf and sunshine.
Anne’s Bucket List:
  • The Northern Lights- I dream of sleeping under a clear ceiling and the amazing lights… with a stop in Copenhagen to visit the best restaurant in the world, Noma.
  • Morocco- The food, textiles and a trek though the Southern Desert
  • Patagonia- Besides the sheer beauty and remoteness, my favorite chef and winemaker both call Patagonia home. I cannot wait to wine and dine lakeside with them.
  • Africa- I long time dream of mine to be on safari in East Africa and meet the Masai.

Anne’s Top Recommended Personal Experiences: 


Drinking Champagne in Champagne! Biking through vineyards and sneaking in yoga in the caves of Dom Perignon.

In Laos, I spent a week living in tree houses high in the forest canopy to see the remarkable gibbon monkeys. It was magical.

mexicoI am obsessed with Indigo and natural dyes. I recently spent a week in the mountains of Oaxaca, learning to dye with Porfirio Gutierrez and family. Their work has recently been filmed by the Smithsonian Institute for a short documentary.

 Traveling throughout India with my dear friend, Geshe Gendun Gyatso. I will never forget waking up to the sounds of hundreds of monks chanting and the waves on incense in the air.
Contact Anne at anne@tributravel.com or 858-201-3079 to start planning your next TRIBU Travel adventure.
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