Linda Shepro- Co Founder, CFO, Travel Expert

/Linda Shepro- Co Founder, CFO, Travel Expert

Linda Shepro- Co Founder, CFO, Travel Expert

Linda Shepro is a seasoned financial executive who has traveled extensively for business and pleasure. The Shepro family has the wanderlust DNA- son Nick traveled to Aspen at 6 weeks, and to Australia when he was 14 months old. Daughter Meg toured Europe in an RV at 9 months.

When Nick and Meg were in grade school Linda began arranging “extended family and friends” trips to places like Costa Rica and Brazil. Fast-forward to Linda’s first trip to Africa, arranged by her now partner at TRIBU, Marni Granston.  Linda and her husband are amateur photographers- When they came back from their trip, with pictures of leopards, lions and cheetahs, friends, and friends of friends were begging to go – Linda has served as the tour leader and photographer in many subsequent trips. Each of her fellow travelers was thrilled to receive a photo book chronicling the journey.

Linda officially became a Brand Ambassador for tour operator Ker & Downey in 2015 where she worked extensively with TRIBU Co-Founder Marni Granston.  Their shared vision for creating a community of like-minded travelers led to the formation of their partnership as TRIBU Travel. She continues to serve as Operating Director for City Capital Advisors LLC, an investment banking firm where she represents middle market operating companies who are seeking investment capital.

Linda embodies the TRIBU spirit of adventure travel and has successfully figured out how to make the journeys special and unique for each group. She has the personality and intuition to work with destination experts in creating lifetime experiences- not once in a lifetime- because once you’ve experienced a TRIBU trip you will be back for more!

Linda’s Bucket List:

  • Vietnam/Cambodia/ Laos
  • Thailand/ Myanmar
  • Patagonia, Chile, Argentina
  • Northern Africa, Egypty, Morocco
  • Return to Africa as often as possible, with emphasis on Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique
  • Return to sail the Indonesian Archipelago on the Silolona or Si Data Bua

Linda’s Top Recommended Travel Experiences: 

Botswana, for the gentle, generous, humorous staff and abundant wildlife, including tree climbing lions in the Okavango Delta

Uganda, for the gorilla trekking experience and the smiles and curiosity of the children

Capetown, South Africa and surrounding wine country destinations, including a day long Harley trip to the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point, winding through small towns along the way

Peru, experiencing the magic of a shaman and the exhilaration of completing the day long trek into Machu Picchu through the Sun Gate

Australia, Sydney and environs, diving the Great Barrier Reef, climbing Ayers Rock and witnessing wild horses and herds of wallabies from a hot air balloon

Brazil, the beauty and magic of Rio de Janiero, hang gliding off a cliff soaring over the favelas then landing on the beach, street markets and craft fairs along the Copa Cabana, the richness and biodiversity of the Amazon

New Zealand, adventures in rafting, rappelling, skydiving, golf, fishing, a beautiful country with amazing people

Indonesia, Bali, Komodo, sailing with the Silolona and Si Data Bua in the Indonesian archipelago, with full dive facilities on board, dedicated staff of 15 for 6 passengers, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, visiting local villages, solitary beaches, sleeping under the stars or in the luxurious cabins

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