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Project Description

Custom Travel Tour Cuba

Trip Highlights:

  • Private rooftop rum tasting
  • Cigar tasting with local tobacco farmer
  • Private salsa lesson with local instructor
  • Guided tour of Fabrica de Arte Cubano and National Museum of Fine Arts
  • Cooking classes
  • Convertible car tour
  • Tickets to Tropicana cabaret

Cuba: An Insider’s Tour

Once a prohibited destination for most Americans, Cuba is once again open for U.S. visitors to enjoy its bustling culture, exciting food scene and endless art, architecture and entertainment. Tribù’s small group experience in Cuba spans the highlights and more—with a curated insider look at the country’s cities, art and local flair through activities from rooftop rum tasting to traversing the streets of Havana in a classic convertible car.

Arrive in Havana and meet the group’s private driver and guide who will escort the tour through old Havana, its sunsets, art museums, food, wine and tobacco.

Cuba is filled with old American cars manufactured prior to the 1959 embargo and the time when the Cuban revolution and severance of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the U.S. took place. Today, the back seat of one of these cars—refurbished with current parts and engines—is one of the most thrilling vantage points from which to experience the city of Havana.

In Havana, the city’s salsa scene can be discovered firsthand with a dance lesson unlike those found anywhere else—a cultural delight for dance enthusiasts and newcomers to Salsa alike—while tickets to the Tropicana cabaret provide a colorful, musical take on this expression of Latin culture.

For those intrigued by the country’s island cuisine, Cuban cooking classes feature local specialties; Cuba is known for its fried plantains, yucca root, helado de mango (mango sherbet) and black beans and rice. Mojitos abound to showcase one of Cuba’s signature cocktails; a refreshing concoction of mint, rum and lime juice.

Art aficionados will enjoy guided tours of Cuba’s famed Fabrica da Arte Cubano and National Museum of Fine Arts, while those looking to explore further can partake in an optional extension of the trip to Trinidad—a short flight across the Caribbean Sea.

Roughly 2.5-hour drive from the city, the group will also travel to Viñales, where visitors will enjoy a farm-to-table organic lunch, followed by a local cigar tasting straight from the expert—a Cuban tobacco farmer on site.

Cuba 2019

  • Dates: Jan 4-10, 2019

  • From $4,010

  • Tribù Group Leader: Linda Shepro

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