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Project Description


Trip Highlights:

  • Private guide, vehicle and driver
  • Authentic luxury accommodations
  • Discover Marrakech’s modern architecture, ancient medinas and souks
  • Visit the berber village of Skoura which has been the filmset for many Hollywood movies
  • Camel trek out to the Saharan desert for a two night stay in a luxury tented camp
  • Full day guided tour of Morocco’s oldest city, Fez

A Moroccan Journey

Indulge in Moroccan culture, food, scenery and art on a seven-night group trip spanning cities old and modern from Fes to Marrakesh, as well as a stay at a private Sahara desert camp.

Start the trip in Morocco’s most cosmopolitan city, Marrakesh, and explore both the modern-day urban lifestyle, as well as ancient architecture including Koutoubia Mosque, which dates back to the 12th Century, and the Kasbah here, which was built in the 16thCentury. Surrounded by farmlands and snow capped mountains, Marrakesh provides a unique vantage point for miles of Moroccan landscape.

This journey thorough the city takes visitors through food markets and local artisan neighborhoods, providing the opportunity to shop and eat the way through Morocco, including a guided tour of the “Hidden sides of Marrakech.”

Head next via a spectacular scenic route to Skoura. A stop in the UNESCO protected village of Ait Ben Haddou gives an example of Berber architecture under preservation, and has served as the set of many films such as Gladiator and Babel.

The final days of the trip will be spent in the Sahara, and in Morocco’s oldest royal city, Fes. The group will adventure through famous Saharan sand dunes via 4×4 and will relax in a private Merzouga Desert Camp set away from the more often-visited areas of Morocco. Here, a tented format will allow visitors to relax and indulge in candlelit meals prepared by the chef on-site, and en suite accommodations for all.

Finally, in Fes, the group will explore the medieval life in this ancient 9th Century city. A guided tour will traverse spice markets, auction squares, shops and local artist workshops as well as bakeries, tanneries and weavers, giving a true sense of Moroccan life and culture.


  • Dates: Apr 21-28, 2018

  • From $2550 USD Per Person

  • Tribù Group Leader: Dennus Baum

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